The All New Toilifter

This product, when it is manufactured, it will have the following features and benefits:

Reduces the risk of bodily injuries;

o   Helps avoid/ minimize back injuries, which can result in time lost, and medical expenses on the employer.

o   Sanitary and reduces the risk of cutting cut during the removal process.

o   Eliminating bodily injuries means lower insurance cost.

·         Reduces the risk of damaging the surrounding area during the removal and placement of the toilet;

o   Floors.

o   Bathtubs.

o   Walls.

o   Toilet itself.

o   Reducing these incidents can reflect a reduction in liability insurance cost.

·         Efficient and user Friendly;

o   One person can do the job without the stress on the body.

o   Increases productivity, uses fraction of the time to remove and install.

o   Simple, uses hydraulics like an ordinary jack.

o   Light weight and easy to transport.

o   Collapsible for easy storage and transport.

o   Can be used by all construction trades, and government establishments.

·         Durable;

o   Constructed of heavy duty, light weight material.

o   Virtually unbreakable under normal usage and guidelines.

·         Cost effective;

o   Affordable investment to anyone.

o   With the time saved using the Toilifter, one can perform more jobs and generate more revenues.

·         It’s simple yet practical patented design allows the Toilifter to be used on almost any size and style toilet.

·         No need to electricity to operate.

·         Uses high quality wide polyurethane wheels to protect any flooring and rolls easily over any flooring.

·         Designed with a special toilet stand in the event multiple toilets are being used.

·         Special drip tray slides under the Toilifter during transporting it, to prevent damage to the flooring.

·         Small compartment to store small tools, bolts and nuts.

The Toilifter is patented and ready for licensing immediately. It can be manufactured as demonstrated with metal, and can also be manufactured using HDPE (high density Polyethylene) plastic molded techniques to considerably reduce weight and costs.

For more information please contact Sam at or 858-204-5509